‚ÄčEach athlete is tested in a variety of area the first week of their program to gauge their strength, speed, and overall fitness levels. These numbers are recorded and referred back to often as we progress through our program. Each individual has their own, personalized plan that is best suited for them to achieve their specific goals. This is not a cookie cutter program, or a one size fits all. We believe in tailoring the program to meet the athletes needs.

Report Card

Seeing improvement on paper is big for any athletes mental state. Each athlete will be given their own unique WaspFit Report Card for each eight week session they complete. WaspFit believes that when our athletic performance is measured, performance improves, and when that same performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement is greatly accelerated. Above is an example showing the improvements made during one eight week program for 7th grader, Teagen Christensen.

WaspFit believes in being personal. Our personal training sessions are very successful in developing the athlete to meet the need of their sport. We believe in long term athletic development. We start by teaching proper movement skills, then progress to speed and power training, then finally to sport specific movements.


‚ÄčTraining That Meets YOUR Needs!